Photo-Editing and Graphic Design

In the past, we took the photography for our clients which was then passed to seperate graphic design companies, to produce images for the web, posters, flyers, banner displays and brochures etc, but we are now able to offer the complete service, saving you both time and money!

Please also see the Promotional and Marketing Services section for more infomation on those specific services.

Some of the services we offer are as lilsted below:

  • Product Enhancement - includes editing shots of your products to remove all tiny imperfections, enhancing or changing colours to suit your needs, adding background images, special effects etc.
  • Photo-combining and over-laying to create stunning visual effects for use on the web or in your promotional materials,
  • Colour enhancement, over-saturating, black and white, colour-toning and much more,
  • Logo Design, Corporate Branding and Identity services,
  • Promotional and Marketing Products as detailed in our Promotional and Marketing Services section
Below are a couple of examples to illustrate the type of photo enhancement and editing we do on a regular basis, with a short explanation of each.
Please click on the image to see it enlarged.

Product Shot Enhancement

We take great care to clean Your Products before any photos are taken, but at the kind of high resolutions we use, even the smallest of imperfections will show up.
Whilst this is less of an issue for small images which shall only be used on the web for example, it is much more of an issue for images which are are to used on large display stands or posters etc.
We offer this service in order to make Your Products look the best they can!

Making Every Day Sunny and Every Sky Blue!

We are often asked to provide images of Business Premises with nice dark blue skys, but of course, this is often not possible on the day due to the good old British weather! But, this not a problem for us!
We can not predict or control the weather, but with a bit of Photo-Editing Magic, we can turn any sky blue if you prefer!
Here is one example of this where we have left in some cloud in order to keep the image looking natural.

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